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Battling With Freckles

By: Sharon Hopkins

Freckles are small red spots found on your body which comes in the small sizes. Due to over exposure of sun these small spots are formed. People with lighter skin are more prone to this condition. They come in different colors like red, yellow, brown, light-brown or black. Increased amount of melanin in your body gives you the tanned look. Light-complexioned people have less melanin but due to the uneven distribution instead of getting a tan they get freckles. It is mostly found on your face as it is the most exposed part of the body. Predisposition of freckles is genetic disorder and such people are more prone to skin cancer or sun burn. They can be stated as a very rare genetic symptom. There are two types of freckles ephelides which are flat spots found either in red or light brown color. Mostly seen in summers and disappear during winters. Lentigines freckles are found mainly on children which are brown, tan or black in color, and these do not fade away during winter. After a certain age freckles fade away and adults start developing age spots.

Preventive Measures

Reduce sun exposure

Wear SPF-15 sunscreen regardless of your skin color. Wear the sunscreen at least 20 minutes before you leave your home. Apply it after sweating and swimming too.

The sun's ultraviolet rays are the strongest during 10 to 4, so avoid venturing out during those times.

You can use skin lighteners and peels to remove the darker skin layer.

Wear a cap or a hat when you are stepping outside your house.

Home Remedies for Freckles

You can wash and clean your face with sour milk as it is one of the most natural peeling agents. The lactic acid present in the milk helps to do the peeling.

Apply lemon juice all over the freckled area to make it disappear.

You can wear fruits and vegetable masks such as apricot, strawberries, cucumber and red currant.

Wear a sour cream mask. If you have oily skin, apply lemon juice before wearing the mask. Do not rinse away the entire mask, wipe it with facial tissue and then apply moisturizer.

Apply parsley juice mixed with equal amounts of lemon juice, orange and red currant juice. On top of that apply a cream which allows freckles to disappear.

Increase vitamin C in your daily diet by having citrus fruits, apples, green onions, black and red currant as well as rosehip tea.

Try rubbing fresh cut eggplant over your freckles everyday.

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Freckles - Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

By: Juliet

Freckles are flat, circular spots that typically range in the size of the head of a nail. Freckles are small tan spots of melanin on the skin of people with fair complexions. The word "freckle" comes from the Middle English "freken," which, in turn, came from the Old Norse "freknur," meaning "freckled." Freckles are small brownish spots on human skin, predominantly found on the face. Freckles discrete specks or spots which develop over sun-exposed surfaces, particularly the cheeks and nose. The basic cause of freckles is special cells in the skin that produce a pigment called melanin. Excessive build-up of melanin in one place will result in freckles. Freckles are small flat brown marks arising on the face and other sun exposed areas. They are seen in children and in fair skinned people especially those with red hair who have an inherited predisposition for them.

There are two basic types of freckles first is ephelides and second is lentigines Ephelides flat spots that are red or light-brown and typically appear during the sunny months and fade in the winter. They are most often found in people with light complexions and in some families, they are an hereditary (genetic) trait. Lentigines (singular: lentigo, from the Latin word for lentil): Children may develop a small tan, brown, or black spot which tends to be darker than an ephelis-type freckle and which does not fade in the winter. This kind of spot is referred to as lentigo simplex. Lentigines are part of a rare genetic syndrome, for the most part they are just isolated and unimportant spots.

Causes of Freckles

1.Skin pigment melanin.


3.Sun exposure.

4.Genetic factor (MC1R gene ).

Symptoms of Freckles

1.Brown spots on the face.



4.Moles are often produced at the affected area of skin.

5.Abdominal pain.

6. Weight loss.

Treatment of Freckles

1.Bleaching creams



4.Laser treatment Several lasers, especially ones that produce a green light, can lighten and eliminate freckles safely and effectively.

5.Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL).

6.Horseradish juice or horseradish vinegar, or oatmeal dabbed on the skin are also helpful in lightening freckles

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Tips To Remove Freckles

By: romy

People with freckles and/or moles tend to have two polarizing opinions about their skin marks. Some people consider freckles to be a cute attribute, while others are embarrassed at the sight of their hyperpigmentation spots.

Freckles and age spots, although different in name, has a common background. They are both triggered by too much exposure to sunlight. This happens when a concentration in the melanin happens especially to those people who have a fair complexion.

Freckles are the bunch of melanin pigments that are visible in fair skin. They are also known as Ephelides. There are various factors such as direct exposure to sunlight and genetics that can trigger the formation of these spots. It is a common dermatological problem that can be cured as well as prevented to huge extent if precautions are considered wisely .
Freckles are very common in many people. Even though they are not harmful or dangerous to your health, many people want to get rid of them to get back their beautiful, flawless skin.
There are many different ways to help you lighten and remove freckles. Some of them are home remedies that you can easily do at home, and some are more professional treatments that your skin doctor should do for you which brings faster results.

Freckles are small brownish spots on human skin. Excessive and uneven pigmentation due to sun damage is the common cause of freckles.

Freckles are particularly common in children, but often the onset of puberty causes the body to begin to produce more melanin. The most common location on the body for freckles to form is the nose and cheeks, though many people have freckles on their shoulders, arms and other areas that are frequently exposed to the sun.

There are two basic types of freckles first is ephelides and second is lentigines Ephelides flat spots that are red or light-brown and typically appear during the sunny months and fade in the winter.

Freckles tend to be flat and circular in appearance. They are normally about the side of a nail head. They can develop in random areas of the skin, but are most often seen on shoulders, arms, nose and cheeks.

Laser therapy for skin pigmentation is not only used for aesthetic reasons. It has become an effective and popular way also to remove skin cancers. Using a beam of light, it destroys the cancer cells within the skin.

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